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About The $200 A Day Cash Machine

the $200 a day cash machine by frank jonesPeople have success with my $200 Dollar a Day Cash Machine program. That doesn't mean I can promise that everyone will have the same outcome. That's impossible as your success ALSO depends on you and most importantly, the quality of the traffic you drive to your reseller website and how targeted it is.

My job is to provide a strong program that people like and as a result, buy.

My other job is to be there to offer the support. Your job, once your reseller website is online, is to drive targeted traffic to your $200/day reseller website. The better you do that, the more sales and money you will make - but only you control that.

I have some people that purchase this affordable $20 program and take off like a shot, making consistent and regular sales. Then I have people that make sales, but much less than others. And yes, I have folks that get the program and their lost from the moment their site is online.

Those are variables I cannot control. There are more components to making the sale than the conversion ratio of a website. If that was all there was to it, everyone would be successful, but as we know, it's nothing close to that.

When you purchase The $200 Dollar a Day Cash Machine, I provide lots of marketing materials that you can download after purchase. So everybody gets the same tools, yet across the board, there is great variation in individual reseller success.

See my $200/Day Cash Machine overview video

And those results are consistent with any other program similar to mine out there... not to mention life in general. There's example after example of studies whereby people have the exact same thing, yet results vary wildly. It's always been that way and always will be that way.

The better the affiliate marketer, the better those people do, in general online, not just with my products, but with everything they choose to promote. My $200/Day Cash Machine program has been around for years, my support is rock-solid (most people won't even respond to you), and this program has made 1000's of sales and thousands of dollars for many resellers over many years, but yet I can't guarantee the level of success each individual reseller will have.

Hope this helps.
Frank Jones, The Home Biz Whiz

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