Here’s How to Make $200 a Day by Posting Ads

There are different sites that allow you to make 200 a day by posting ads. But do you maximize your earnings with these sites? How can you use them to make unbelievable cash in a single day?

How to Make 200 a Day by Posting Ads Online

While many may consider it impossible, with the right information and motivation, you can practically beat the odds and earn big. Here, you will learn some of the best programs from which you can make 200 a day by posting ads as well as amazing tips on how to achieve the same.

Google Adsense

Google makes money by the truckload selling advertisement space on their search engine. Google Adsense, from Google, will share generously the income generated from all the sponsored ads that you post on your blog or website – up to 50%. If you want to make $200 in a day, avoid being basic; be more aggressive and use all factors to your advantage as we shall see later in the tips section of this article.

Paid ad posting

With the competition around, some sites deviate from the basic concept of affiliate marketing. After joining, all you need to do is just post ads and relax. You do not have to care whether your ads actually lead to some sales or not. For you to be accepted, however, your website has to really be good at bringing traffic.

Form Filling Jobs is a unique and simple program that offers such service. You will earn $21-$50 or $46-$50 for complete ad posting depending on the price and complexity of the product. To join this site, you are required to pay $50 membership fee; later, you will learn why this is important. The best thing about this site is that they provide you as a user users with loads of important tips on how to maximize on your earnings.

Typing at Home Franchise

This is one of the most lucrative sites out there. Though you need to chuck out a whooping $250 for registration, you equally earn huge. With this platform, you can earn in 2 ways:

  • By making leads for sale of products.
  • By referring new members to sign up.

For each member who signs up through your lead, you receive 10% of their registration fee. You also receive 50% of the income you make by selling products over $50. If your motivation is to make 200 a day by posting ads, why not advertise aggressively with an aim of luring in several new users?

Make N-dollars

This platform has many companies that offer you great opportunities; identify a company that sells costlier products so that the commission will consequently be higher. However, you need to pick products that you are familiar with so that your marketing becomes top notch.

Tips to make you reap big

Select competitive niches to market. If you are looking to make over $200 in a day, there is no way you will do so by posting ads of products that do not sell well. Do a thorough research, make your pick and post.

When it comes to the upfront registration fee, do not be rigid. Do your research on the credibility of the company and when sure, consider joining them. Think of it like any other job- for instance, to start working in a certain office, you have to buy suits and buy gas for your car.

If you think critically, it applies the same way. Furthermore, it keeps off jokers who open accounts and leave. It also makes the site competitive and you will be able to earn a lot more.

  • While advertising, let your search terms be competitive and convincing; use words that will motivate readers want to discover more.
  • Generate many headlines (the 100 headlines approach). Make each one of them unique and avoid being boring. By so doing, you increase the chances of readers sticking to the post.
  • Stick to policy and do not let greed take the better of you. You might get your affiliate account closed.
  • Do not make your site annoying as it might repel your traffic away. Make your posts interesting and inviting.
  • To make that amount and more, work on many different sites and the cumulative earnings will astound you.


In a quest to make 200 a day by posting ads, understand that all you need is the right information, hard work and determination. No money comes easy, hence you will have to literally not sleep for the better part of the day as you work. Do your research, work critically and let us meet on the rich side.

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